Discretionary Client Agreement

Vestoq Ltd. (“Manager”) undertakes to manage the investments for you as a client (“customer”) under the following conditions: In order for the manager to be able to meet its obligations and obligations under the “Directors and Client`s Powers and Obligations” clause, the client and manager will perform powers in the form acceptable to the manager in order to prove the director`s authority to sign and execute all relevant agreements. , documents, certificates and instruments in the name and on behalf of the client in accordance with this agreement. In order to avoid any doubt, the director himself is not entitled to delegate by proxy the powers vested in him by the power. Transactions for each customer account are generally processed independently, unless the manager decides to buy or sell the same securities, commodities, precious metals or foreign currencies for several clients at about the same time. To the extent permitted by law, the administrator is authorized to combine or “stack” such orders in order to obtain the best possible execution, negotiate more favourable commission rates or assign them fairly to the manager`s clients. The customer may face price and commission fees or other transaction fees that could have been borne by an independent order. As part of this procedure, transactions are carried out on average based on price and transaction costs and are distributed in a manner deemed fair to all in relation to the purchase and sale orders that have been placed on a given day for each customer account. The manager may provide a copy of this agreement to a broker, trader or other part of a transaction on behalf of the client as evidence of the manager`s power of action for the client. If this agreement is entered into by a person, the Client insures and guarantees at any time during the duration of the contract, the Client can legitimately and as duly authorized and authorized the administrator to exercise the dispretation of investment concerning the Fund.

The client also presents that he or she is the age of majority. Where this agreement is entered into by a company, company, trust or other legal entity, the client assures and guarantees that the contract has been duly authorized, executed and issued at any time during the term of the contract, and that it constitutes its valid and binding obligations that are enforceable against the client in accordance with its terms; (ii) no authorization, authorization, consent or administrative submission is related to the performance of the contract. (iii) the performance, supply or performance of this contract by the client did not harm or lead to failure after the client`s certificate of incorporation or in accordance with the statutes (or equivalent constituent documents), or any provision of a plan or confidence that places the fund or part of it on the account of a contract or other agreement (iv) the list of signatures to which the client is a party , or to which he or his property may be related, or a law or rule, regulation or injunction of a government authority or agency, (iv) the list of signatures attached to it, represents the valid signatures of all directors, executives, employees or enforcement assistants for the client entitled to take action with respect to the account (or all of these persons : where the client has entrusted the fiduciary responsibility to act with respect to the account) and who are entitled to conclusively invoke any document they execute and (v) the client is not an investment company.