Ca Firm Merger Agreement

A Firm B Firm Formal Network By ICAI 23 Did I ask myself these questions? Has my company identified its business goals for 2016 (and beyond)? Will you get the job you deserve? Do you charge the fees you should collect? Have I thought about my competitors and how I could lose my customers about them? What direction do you want to give to your firm? CA Rohit Ruwatia Agarwal (President YMEC (CIRC)) 23 57 Difference between networks and mergers: the network is like Live in Relationship. There are interse` rules, legally enforceable and binding for companies and partners within a network. A network usually adopts a code of conduct, called a statute, which is incorporated into an agreement regulating the member companies of the network. Fusion is like a marriage. It`s a marriage. The contractual conditions are set by law in the reconstituted partnership deed.